Celestine the Princess of Unicorns

Girly girl.

Girly girl.

Meet the Princess. She’s a TOTAL girly girl. All pretty and glitzy and glamor. She leaves glitter where she gallops, and swirly stars in her wake.

This is another mixed media piece. She’s a bit of sharpie and a bit of watercolor. I really must make the transition to watercolor paper when I want do do the color in paints. While I don’t mind the effect on the bristol, it sucks up the paint too quickly and is far less forgiving of my sloppy dash and wash painting style.

I’m in a bit of a panic due to misplacing a 4 set of unicorn cards. They’re here somewhere. I most likely put them up away from the small hands of my Mr. Fingers Magee. I spent hours a few nights ago doing a rambling zentangley piece of artwork, only to find it cut into nicely sheared shreds the following morning while I popped into my home office for a minute to find a pen. It’s now been re-purposed into smash book fodder for posterity. So tomorrow evening will most likely be spent on a literal unicorn hunt! Huzzah! Off to hunting unicorns!


One thought on “Celestine the Princess of Unicorns

  1. Oh no! Grabby McGrabster strikes. /facepalm I think I would just sit on the floor, right there, and cry. LOL

    Celestine is lovely, those big lashes. I used to draw my eyes like that all the time. hehe

    I’m in the process of clearing/cleaning/overhauling my studio. We converted the spare bedroom several years ago into a studio, but it slowly became a catchall because I wasn’t actually working in it. I have a tendency to take my art with me all over the house.

    The dining room table used to be the victim but, as I’ve not painted in a while and have only been drawing as of late, it’s the living room. I don’t even use my desk as much as I’d like, but that is health related; I sit in the living room in my big overstuffed chair, legs propped up on the ottoman most times.

    I do hope you will do a “Zenicorn” (zentangle unicorn), I’d love to see it. I think I may have to try one…or a tattooed one maybe. Thinking of doing a mixed media collage’y torn paper one at some point.

    PS – I love SMASH! I carry a Smash stick (Sharpie/glue stick) with me at all times. LOL I don’t use it in the conventional way, but I love looking at their products.

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