Starry Night Unicorn

Starry Night  Unicorn

I love the way this one turned out. At first I was a bit anxious by the muddled purple background, but I think I like it now. She turned out so delicate! I’ve been working on coloring in past unicorns and starting this weeks! I’m hoping to get all caught up to this week by the weekend, so next week it’s just a single piece I’m working on.

I say I have a love/hate relationship with unicorns, most of that just comes from their overuse. Horses have been a favorite animal of mine forever. I remember when I first started drawing, I couldn’t pick something simple like a fish, I had to go full on horse mode. Horses were ALWAYS on the queue of what to draw next. I’ve never tired of drawing them. Thankfully my skill has started to catch up to my obsession, they no longer look like fat bears with horses heads.


2 thoughts on “Starry Night Unicorn

  1. I didn’t spend much time around horses myself. Though the times I was around them, I was hooked and wanting more. I had a few unicorn things, but more realistic horses were more my bent. I still have a lampwork glass horse I received from Santa one year. It’s lost paint over the probably 30 years it’s been around, but I still love it. So delicate and one of my very first “collectibles”, which in a family of 5 kids, was something special.

  2. She is definitely my favorite so far, so sleek and delicate. I like the light blush to her cheeks.

    Catching up as well. I’ll be posting some later today. I’ve had fun sketching in a notebook, but not been able to take the time and sit to make the cards. I need to start sketching on my actual cards and just go from there. I have a tendency to sketch on an ATC, intending to ink it later, then look at it and say “Oh that won’t take long, I’ll just ink it now.” I get sidetracked easily, especially when it comes to art.

    Horses were ALWAYS the thing to draw when I was a kid. I had a small collection of unicorn stuff at one point during my childhood. The fascination only lasted a couple years, my mother probably still has them in boxes somewhere. I remember a brass bell topped with a unicorn as its handle and a white porcelain one rearing, horn pointed at the heavens.

    I loved horses, but was seldom around them growing up. My grandfather’s brother (my grand-uncle?) spent his summers here in Ocala house sitting on a horse farm. We’d always visit as they were from Ohio. It wasn’t until I was older that I worked around horses. I was living in South Jersey in ’89, my now ex-husband stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk, an aircraft carrier in dry dock in Philadelphia. I miss parts of Philly, like Reading Terminal Market. Not long after we moved there, I landed a job at Garden State Park in Cherry Hill, now closed, as a hotwalker and a groom. I worked there for a year, eventually assisting with other aspects of the racetrack and the horses, before moving back down to Florida.

    My love of horses became hereditary it seems, my daughter is a fanatic.

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